Admission Application for IIES Programs

Admission Application is now Open for IIES Class of 2023

Early Deadline for an application is July 10, 2022. This deadline may not be extended.

The program will commence from July 2022 and complete in May / June 2023.

Applications are currently open for Admissions to Class 2023 for post-graduate programs in the following programs at IIES:

  • PGD-GEN: Post-graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • PGD-IEM: Post-graduate Diploma in Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

Apply Now

Step 1: Pay the Application Fee of Rs. 500 using the below Payment Button

Step 2: Once you make the payment, kindly click on the below button to access the Application Form. Please fill all the necessary details in the form and submit necessary documents.


You can find more information about the PGD-GEN course here and the PGD-IEM course here.

For any questions or help that you may need, please feel free to connect with us on the following coordinates: